Detailed information about trolling motor

The trolling motor is the self contained unit which includes controls, propeller and electric motor and it is affixed to the angler boat either at stern or bow. Modern electric trolling motor is especially designed around 12V, 24V or 36V brushed DC electric motor. If you are planning to use trolling motor for marine use then you can take advantage on the 12V deep cycle batteries. In order to propel boat, electric motor or trolling motor is using battery power. If you are looking to choose best electric trolling motor then you must follow some tips such as voltage, thrust, hand held versus foot controlled and bow versus transom.

Amazing guide to choose best type of battery for trolling motor

trolling motorIf you are buying boat for first time then you should know about importance of the trolling motor batteries. Suppose you are looking to enjoy fishing experience, you must require extremely powerful trolling motor. Certain factor might affect trolling motor battery functionality which includes

  • Usage
  • Type
  • Size
  • Maintenance
  • Damage

According to the studies says that two battery types are available such as deep cycle and cranking. People can also find out other variation of boat battery which is primarily based on internal structure such as sealed, wet cell and absorptive glass mat. Advanced battery type is AGM and it is maintenance free which could be well protected against vibrations. As everyone knows trolling motor is rated by pounds of thrust. Usage and storage of the trolling motor might decide its lifespan. The best trolling battery can provide amazing numbers of the benefits over normal battery such as durability, credibility, deliverance of charge and deep cycle. Price of the trolling motor comes under your budget so you can buy this battery without hesitation. If you are looking to choose high performance battery then deep cycle battery is the best choice. This kind of the specialized battery can do different kinds of the heavy duty jobs without overheating. Trolling battery is having fantastic features of heatproof design which can provide perfect cooling so it might stay cool in each circumstance. Electric trolling motor is required battery power for propelling boat. Two common fishing conditions are available such as deep water fishing and low water fishing. Basically low water fishing might not need much power but deep water fishing needs high amount of power.

Everything to know about trolling battery

You must remember one thing; certain factor might affect life of the trolling battery such as weather conditions, fishing conditions and maintenance. You can choose trolling motor battery based on the review that is really useful to you. Wet battery is required lots of maintenance and care. For example, it frequently needs opportune refilling of the distilled water, acid spill or occasional rust check. Lithium ion battery is widely used by expert fisherman. In case you are not going for fishing on the regular basis then this battery is not suitable choice. You are advisable to invest in the top quality of trolling battery.